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Mitsubishi Electric offers the most technologically advanced heat pump systems in the world.

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Mixed-use buildings are some of the most challenging buildings to keep comfortable. With the wide variety of environments – from retail to office to living – the cooling and heating needs of a single building can be significant.

Mitsubishi Electric provides you with powerful and efficient – yet flexible – solutions that help you meet a wide range of cooling and heating needs. Our industry-leading VRF zoning systems are designed to be modular and configurable and provide you with many options to design the best solution for your unique needs:

  • Indoor units come in ducted and ductless variations and are designed to be placed just about anywhere you want in your interior spaces. Our ductless configurations free up valuable interior space so you can increase ceiling height or even get more usable floors without increasing your building envelope. And, our ducted systems have a low profile, reducing the amount ceiling space required to conceal the systems.
  • Condensing units have a wide range of capacities depending on your needs and can utilize a number of cooling and heating energy sources. They are compact, quiet and simplify system design.

Whether you are building from the ground up or renovating an existing mixed-use building, Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating provides you with the solutions that effectively and efficiently perfect the comfort of indoor environments.

VRF and smaller split systems save energy, while providing a high degree of comfort, through their zoning capabilities. Zones or rooms can be designed to exact needs, taking into account occupancy, solar gain parameters, and, in the case of VRF systems, diversity of usage.

Intelligent indoor units have sensors to measure room air temperature at the return, or if the design requires it, air temperature can be measured at a remote thermostat. The ability to choose the measurement location allows for better air temperature management, maintaining the set point within 1 degree Fahrenheit (half of a degree Celsius). Some split and VRF system indoor units feature an i-see™ sensor accessory, which senses and compares air and floor temperatures, and then adjusts vane direction as needed to optimize the comfort within the space. Also, each indoor unit features linear expansion valves to ensure the precise amount of refrigerant is delivered to the zone.

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating VRF and split systems with multiple indoor (air-handling) evaporator units connected to an outdoor compressor unit can deliver just the right amount of refrigerant to precisely meet each zone’s load. Indoor units can be controlled to operate only in those occupied areas that need conditioning; indoor units in vacant areas can be turned off. By conditioning, only the occupied areas, heating or cooling capacity is not wasted.

Diversity and Zoning

HVAC systems are sized depending on the cooling and heating peak loads of the building; the combined capacity of the indoor units can match, exceed, or be lower than the capacity of the connected outdoor unit. INVERTER-driven VRF systems can be designed and sized on a zone-by-zone basis to adjust for a building’s solar gain and the changing seasons. And, depending on the system selected, up to 50 indoor units can be connected to each outdoor unit, producing a total applied capacity of up to 150% of the outdoor unit’s rated capacity.

Certain VRF systems feature simultaneous cooling and heating. Also called heat recovery, these systems enhance the capabilities of zoning technology considerably by using a branch circuit (BC) controller to control energy. The BC controller can remove energy from one zone that doesn’t need it, and apply it to a different zone that does. For example, if an indoor unit in one room is calling for cooling and an indoor unit in another room is calling for heating, the BC controller can take the heat removed from the room operating in cooling and use it to warm the room in heating mode. The BC controller performs all the work, bypassing the compressor unit and saving electricity.

Unlike older, inefficient heat pumps, there is no cold air delivery with Mitsubishi Electric’s Cooling & Heating systems. The Hot Start™ system doesn’t activate the fan until the desired temperature is reached, so it never blows cold air. Select models use Hyper-Heating INVERTER (H2i®) technology that operates effectively down to -13º F. These models give true year-round comfort from a single system.

These units provide easy installation, simple service and longer warranties.

Although, with our industry-leading reliability record, you won’t have to worry much about that. Better yet, we’ve extended our warranties to seven years on compressors and five years on parts.

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